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Customizing the Email App

In the Apps section, click on Email

Pick a Style from the menu

Go to Settings

Select Background to change the color of the email app's background

Select Button to change the color of the Submit button

Use the color picker to assign new colors and the slider to adjust the color's opacity 


Select Vidello to use Vidello's internal leads-collecting feature

Select Custom HTML if you have your own responder

More details here: Setting Up a Responder 

More Customization

Pause Player ON -- The video stops playing when the email app appears

Pause Player OFF--The video continues to play when the email app shows

Show Skip ON --  A "skip" option appears in the corner that lets the viewer skip the email sign-up 

Note: The word "skip" can be edited and customized (ex. No, thanks!)

Show Skip OFF -- There is no "skip" option for the viewers. They'd have to wait until the email app disappears


In Animation -  Set how the email app enters the screen

Out Animation - Set how the email app exits the screen

Duration - Set the duration of the animation

Timing - Set the duration of the app 

The duration is automatically applied to the indicator bar as the slider is adjusted

Choose files or drag and drop files
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