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What is the average monthly cost for AWS?

I'll disappoint you with the answer here, but it is hard to predict. However, most of the video-hosting platforms on the market are hosting and streaming the content of their customers on AWS too. They need to be profitable, so they are charging extra money on the costs tied for each user. We do not do it. You have your own AWS account with the lowest fees that AWS offers. Plus, if you just created a brand new AWS account, you received free usage from the start.

Plus, you do not pay any fixed monthly fees. You pay as you go. If you have lower traffic, you pay less.

Here is why we can't predict your exact monthly costs for AWS.

Whenever you upload a video to your Vidello account, we create multiple versions to ensure top quality and smooth playback. Enabling you to play your video in every possible environment is important. If the viewer watches the lower-quality video, it costs a bit less.

We have several video quality options. It can be based on the player size or user connection speed. The player allows you to select the best video quality that can be played without interruptions.

Another factor that affects your usage:

- duration of played videos

- location of viewers

- automatic autoplay

- automatic preloading videos

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