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Learn how to add text to add captions, title screens, credits and more to your videos with CREATE.

On the CREATE editor click the elements button

Select a text preset and drag it to the canvas or add your own by clicking the + Add text button

Text Settings

Click the text on the tracks or timeline to show the text options on the right pane.

From here you'll be able to change the font type, size, text alignment, text color, and text background color

Text Spacing

Scroll down on the text options until you see Spacing, click on it to expand

Increase the Line to put a space between the text lines

Increase the Letter to increase the space between letters

And Word to put a space between words

Drop Shadow

Use the x and y coordinates to place the shadow on your text

Set the Blur to blur the shadow. You can also change the shadow color to match it with your text


To set a border around your text, select first a border type (solid, dotted, or dashed) and choose a border color

Then set the border thickness using Width, and the border roundness with the Radius.


Animate the enter and exit of your text with Fade.

In the Text Options, scroll down to Fade and set the Fade in and Fade out

Choose files or drag and drop files
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  1. Mohammad Abu Ras

    how can we add animation to the text?

  2. Aaron

    Where can I get a preview of the fonts used in this software? SO that I can see what they look like off line. pdf is ok for me.

  3. Jason John Byron

    How do I change the text in a template I bought

  4. Mimi Steger

    Hi - Just purchased Create yesterday and am enjoying what it can do so far, quick question: is there a way to copy and paste text so that formatting is saved and only text has to be edited?  Thanks -