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CREATE - How to Add Screen and Webcam Recording to the Timeline

After recording your screen and webcam, both media will be added to your media library.

Drag the screen recording to the timeline.

Then drag the webcam recording to the timeline above the screen recording.

On the canvas, click and drag the sizing handle to resize the webcam.

Choose files or drag and drop files
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  1. Mira

  2. Posted


  1. Gema Quijano

    ohh I thought I am doing something I am not the only one 

  2. Mani Cheung

    yes, I found can preview but cannot record the webcam video so there is no such effect. anything we can fix it?

  3. Shawn Reams

    I can preview my webcam but it will not record and also I cannot import any video files

  4. Benny Bologna

    When using this feature, Create does preview  my Logitech webcam, but will not record it.  IT seems others have had this issue, is there  a fix yet?