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CREATE - Creating Folders for you Projects

Create's latest version 1.0.15 now allows you to create folders for your projects. 

This feature makes it easier to organize and keep track of what you're working on.

To create a new project Folder:

On the Create Home Screen, click on New Folder at the bottom right corner,  which is right next to  Import Template.

New Folder will appear at the top right corner.

To rename the new folder, double click on the New Folder until it becomes highlighted in blue, then simply type the name you want to use for the folder.

Your Folders can be dragged and dropped to whichever order you like, and you can also drag and drop your Projects into the Folders as you wish. 

To do this, hover your cursor over the Folder or Project Name and you will see the four way arrow icon, beside the trash bin icon.

The four way arrow icon lets you drag and drop, while the trash bin icon let's you delete your Folder or Project.

Note: To edit an existing project's name, see this link.

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