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CREATE - How to Manually Update or Install Latest Version on Windows

Keeping the Create software up to date is important as new updates improve and also fix bugs within the app. No need log out or uninstall the current version. Simply close the Create editor and follow these steps:

1. Login to the CREATE members area and click Download.

2. Select your Windows bit rate

3. After downloading, run the Create installer. It’s usually located in your Downloads folder.

4. Wait for the installation to proceed

5. CREATE will automatically start after installation and download.

Note: Starting from version 1.2.3 CREATE will update automatically

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  1. Eric Strickland

    Do Create have you log in every time you open to use it? I had put in my email and password and click the login button and nothing happens, can't login into the software!!!

  2. jennifer

    not being able to download create on windows 10 goes up to 4.25 and then hangs, sent a support ticket, no one has responded thus far,. What solutions are available please advise

  3. Vincent Huisman

    It's freezing at "extracting assets" What do I do?

  4. Fred Fliedner

    This is becoming very frustrating to the point where the help desk doesn't want to get back to me because they don't seem to have a solution. 

    The S/W locks up at different percentages.

    As I mentioned that in over 40 years working with computers I have NEVER had so much difficulty installing software.

    Jean Pearl or Mira Please Help !!

  5. S.m. Ashraful Alam

    Unable to install. it stopped at 31% . please help.

  6. Timothy St Mary

    Ok, I was able to get the new version to install. I had to completely uninstall the previous version and install the new version. I lost all my work though but I at least got it installed.

  7. Timothy St Mary

    I've tried everything to get the software to install. Stays at 10% I need help also.

  8. Gary Hawthorne

    unable to upgrade to 123 locks up at 10%

  9. Henry Z Lorenzo


    For the past 3 days, I've been attempting to upgrade, but it's been stuck on 10%.  Can someone please assist?

    Thank you.



    i try to install de upgrade but it stops at 10%. Could you help please?