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CREATE - Navigation Icons

Learn the basics of CREATE user interface navigation

Icon Description
Import videos, images, and audio files to use as clips in your project.
Media library where all your imported media and recordings are stored to be used with the current project.
Contains text, images, and emoji presets ready to be used for your projects.
Opens the Music library where you can find audio assets and text-to-speech for your projects.
Export work into an MP4 format video.
Split media that are added to the tracks into two parts.
Delete media clips added to the tracks.
Adds a new track to the bottom or top of the current clip.
Locks, hide and delete a track in the timeline.
Open/close the Settings panel
Opens the settings of a selected media clip.
Opens the Project settings
Click to save recent changes made.
Opens the screen, webcam, and microphone recorder
Undo the last action made
Reverse your last Undo.
You can use Redo only after using the Undo command.

Choose files or drag and drop files
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