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CREATE - How To Use Screen Recording/Webcam

Create allows you to record your screen and webcam at the same time. 

Recording screen and webcam is very handy for people who mostly do instructional videos, presentations, and games.

To start recording:

Click the Record button at the right panel

The Screen recording is set to Desktop by default. This will record your entire desktop screen, or if you are using a dual monitor it will record both screens.

You can also set the screen recording to Region which will allow you to record only a part of your screen that you have selected.

Click the dropdown and choose your device Webcam and Microphone

Scroll down and click the Start Recording button

When done press the Shift+Esc keys on your keyboard to stop recording. Or go back to Create canvas and click Stop recording.

You can also record your screen without recording your webcam. Simply set the Webcam to "Select camera". And if you do not want to record your voice just set the Microphone to "Select mic"

Video tutorial:

Choose files or drag and drop files
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  1. Larry McKnight

    On my PC, when I record using my webcam and microphone the newly recorded video automatically shows up in the import media window, and is ready to put on the timeline. On my iMac, it does not show up after I stop recording and watch the little dialogue say it is processing. What is wrong?

  2. Carl Peddle

    I am having the same issue as Justin. When I do a screen recording. I cannot make any selections within the screen recording - desktop of region plus the media labelled webcam is is black with no option and the audio is not recording. There is also no separate audio track. 

  3. Justin Christensen

    I am having the same issue as Charles Groleau. I do a screen recording. I select the FaceTime HD camera and the builtin microphone, but when I stop the recording, only the screen capture works. I can see the media labelled webcam, but it is black and only has the audio. There is also no separate audio track. 

  4. Francisco J Díaz


    When I try to record my screen it finally the camera records my face and not the screen. How do I set it up to record.

    When I un selected the camera option it only produced the audio...

    Do I have to set somenting in MAC or in Create in order to take up the screen recording.


  5. Charles Groleau

    Anyone noticed problem with screen and webcam simultaneously?

    Once stopped, webcam recording is not accessible.