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VIDELLO - Interactive Polls

With VIDELLO's new feature, you can now make your videos more interactive using the POLLS app.

To add the poll click APP on the left panel of the editor

then scroll a bit and select POLLS

on the timeline drag the app on the time when you want the poll to appear

Editing the Polls questions

To edit the question simply click on the items on your video and start typing your text

Poll settings

On the settings at the left panel you can change the number of answers (max is 4).

 You can also change the background color of the poll, main color of the button, and answer background color

Add more details by enabling Notes, and enble the Skip button to give viewers the option to skip the poll

View Polls results

To view the results, go the your Vidello dashboard home page and click Analytics > Polls

Select the project and name of the video and the results will appear


Choose files or drag and drop files
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  1. Samuel L Howard


    The Polls  App is an amazing addition along with all of the other features Vidello has

    to offer, making this platform a top notch one of a kind Marketing Mastering piece of software. Giving you the power of a Marketing MASTER.