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VIDELLO - Add Chapters to your Videos

You can now add and label chapters, to allow your viewers to easily find relevant sections of your videos. This feature is great for longer videos, webinar replays and for members area content.

Here's how you can add the chapters:

1. At the left side of the Vidello editor click on Controls

2. Slide the button to enable "Show Chapters"

3. At the bottom part of your video you will see Chapters, slide the bar to select a certain time on your video.

and enter a Chapter name.

4. To add more chapters, click "+ Add Chapters"

5. To remove a chapter, click on the delete "x" button to the right of the chapter name

Clicking the Chapters icon on the bottom part of the player allows your viewers to see the list of chapters. When they click on a chapter it will automatically they them to that part of your video.

They can also click the small dots or chapter indicator on the play bar.

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