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VIDELLO - Refund Policy

Initial Subscription Purchase and Refund Requests

If you have initially purchased a subscription from our platform and would like to request a refund please ensure your account meets the all the following criteria:

> Your request is less then 14 days since the initial purchase of the subscription

> You have not streamed any videos or redeemed any of the features involved in the use of the subscription on your account.

Once you have streamed videos the subscription is considered redeemed and is not refundable.

Please ensure you have chosen the correct subscription package before proceeding with the payment.

Refund Requests on Subscription Renewals

For monthly/yearly subscriptions, the refund policy will only cover the FIRST charge for purchasing the software. The second, third, fourth and so on charges will not be covered by the refund policy.

Users can still request for the cancellation of the subscription and we will cancel the subscription immediately - no questions asked. 

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  1. Samuel Rivera-Prado

    Can you please cancel my Vidello subscription. I don't have a need for this anymore

  2. Timothy Thomas

    Can you please cancel my Vidello subscription effective immediately Thanks

  3. Rafal Bednarski

    Can you please cancel my Vidello subscription effective immediately Thanks

  4. Mark Stuart

    Please cancel my Vidello subscription effective immediately. Thanks.

  5. chiu wai yin


  6. Cody Fleming

    Still waiting on a response looking to receive a refund thank you.

  7. Robert Grady

    Not what I needed. Purchased 4/12 /20 on Paypal. Sorry RG

  8. Sharon M Appleby

    I would like a refund immediately please.

  9. Chris Coyne

    I would like a refund. This software doesn't work!!

  10. Shifu Aaron Chen

    I would like a refund. The download finally worked. But now the app is not loading media for me to edit.