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VIDELLO- How to Cut Down on Bandwidth Usage

  • Cut back on your own personal views. Each time you view your video, it is counted against your bandwidth usage. Only view them when necessary.

  • Turn off autoplay. Use autoplay on a video only if you think it’s absolutely needed. Once a video starts autoplaying, it automatically starts using up your bandwidth.

  • Turn off the automatic pre-load setting on your video.

  • Use only the thumbnail generated by Vidello, instead of using thumbnail images.

  • Edit your long videos to be a series of short videos - Keeping your video at it's original full length is only beneficial when viewers actually do follow through and continue to watch the whole video, but when that isn’t the case and you are experiencing some low engagement, it would definitely be beneficial to lessen your bandwidth usage by dividing your large video into smaller segmented videos. 

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  1. Gema Quijano

    where to find autoplay in Create software? or it is in vidello page only... what usually the problem in uploading project 

    less than 3mins but it take 1hr uploading ...I delete unused track before I upload and publish