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VIDELLO - A/B Split Test Embed Code Does Not Work In Wordpress

Wordpress doesn’t allow you to paste javascript code directly into the page/post editor. Upon trying to achieve this, Wordpress changes the code and it becomes ineffective.

The embed code requires Javascript for the split test to be able to switch between the two videos. This issue is only in regards to the A/b split option.

Here are your solutions:

- If your theme has a page editor it is likely that it will already come with a way to add raw code. In that case, use that feature.

- If you use an external plugin that allows you to insert snippets into pages or posts pursue the following steps:

1) Download WP plugin called, Insert Html Snippet

2) Install the plugin

3) Go to the plugin and click on "Add new HTML Snippet" (please ignore the subscribe for updates option)

4) Please type the tracking name of your project, for example in our case "VIDELLO split". Paste the code of split video into the HTML code space  and then click on the "Create" button

5) Go to your blog post, click on the plugin icon, select your project and it's complete!

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