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Posted by Mira Dobes on 14 September 2016 10:31 AM

What's up iGloo team!

After loads of people requesting the cookie timers, we have just released it as our latest update.

Now you can create countdown timers that are cookie based for each unique visitor. So for example you run an evergreen webinar and send traffic from FB ads to a registration page with a countdown timer saying next webinar starts in 15 mins. The countdown timer will be starting at 15mins from when each visitor hits the page.

You can also set a redirect so when the countdown timer ends, it will automatically send them to your evergreen webinar.

Another example is on OTO/upgrade pages.

For example you could have a 25% discount if they upgrade within 2 hours. The timer will start when the person hits the page and will continue counting down even after they leave without purchasing. If they come back within the time frame they can upgrade with the discount, if not after the timer expires you could send them to another page with a less discount than before.

This helps to urge your visitors to take action utilising evergreen timers.

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